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Imagine you have woken up on a bright sunny morning. You have taken care of all the usual morning routine and is now heading for work. There is an important meeting today and your boss is very strict on punctuality. So you need to be there right on time.

You have strong faith in yourself but luck throws in a twist of its own. The car is locked and the keys are inside it! Be it rush or forgetfulness, you left the car keys inside last night. What could be the solution now?

You guessed it right! Contact a car locksmith. If you get in touch with an able and efficient auto locksmith company, they can send someone over within minutes. The expert can then get you out of this mess and let you reach the destination without missing a beat.


We are one such Santa Monica locksmith company dedicated to fixing car locks. We provide 24 hour locksmith services to our clients. Among our wide range of services, you can benefit from the following:


1. Repair of Damaged Locks

Many people face the unforeseen circumstances of damaged locks. Over time, the brand new locks lose its shine and spark. But the more dangerous part is - they can also render your car useless. You cannot open the car door if its lock is damaged. To save you from such scenarios, we can repair the damaged locks efficiently. You will not fall victim to rust and mechanical malfunctions.


2. Installation of New Locks

If your car needs new locks, we will install them right away. This may happen for a variety of reasons. The most common being an upgrade in your automobile security system. Nowadays, there are strangers with malicious intention all around us. This bunch includes mechanical hackers who can crack open your locks in a matter of seconds. To one-up them in their own game, you can install advanced locks on your precious vehicle.

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3. Lock and Key Duplicates

We can carve out duplicates of locks and keys if you need them. You face crisis situations like the one we mentioned in the beginning. In this busy life, we can easily find ourselves locked out of our own car. Besides, many people lose their car keys or unknowingly damage them. In any case, we will be there promptly to resolve the situation.


4. Rekey Ignition

If you are squinting at the pair of words above, let us explain. Rekey ignition is a term used to describe the process of rebuilding ignition cylinder locks to suit the new ignition system of your car. In other words, it is the modification of your lock according to the new key. For this, we first take apart the internal components of your car’s ignition cylinder. Then we reassemble them so that it works with the new key.


We combine compassion, knowledge, experience and skills to provide you the best of auto locksmith services in Santa Monica. We understand the value of car in your life and your responsibility towards it. That is why our team of expert locksmiths never shies away from lending a helping hand.

If you are looking for a locksmith in Santa Monica, don’t hesitate to call us at any time. We are available 24 hours a day for our customers.

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