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We pray to God in dire situations. It might work a few times but when you lose your keys, leave them on your driver’s seat before you exit or leave it on the keyhole, only a locksmith can help you. If you are on the road and need to get on time to your date, Santa Monica Locksmith will come to your rescue. Now wait, don’t hammer a screwdriver or a metal rod on the keyhole, it may cause any expensive damage leaving a dent on your pocket.


Likewise, if you face an unfortunate event where you damage the key to ignition, don’t act out in stress. Our 24 Hour Locksmith service will be right next to your door a phone call away to prevent significant irreparable damage. There are simple and handy modern techniques with us which will help you enter your car like you never lost its keys. Our auto locksmith service provides such service that can be of great help.


Key Copying

Prevention is better than cure; it never hurts carrying a copy of your key. The keys degraded over time and accidents don’t announce themselves.

The copied keys are better ways to safeguard yourself from such a situation and locksmith in Santa Monica can make you the best quality key.


Rekey Ignition

Rekey ignition is a method of restructuring your whole key igniting system should you lose your key. If you damage your ignition key to your car, our representatives can get right to your current location to prevent further damage.

The damage to the ignition cylinder are costly and take a lot of time to repair. Rekey ignition service from our car locksmith is faster and economical. This is in contrast to changing the ignition cylinder. As an added bonus Rekey ignition makes all doors to your car available at a twist of the single key.


Car Key Extraction


Locksmith 90401

90401 Locksmith

Everything has a life, it’s the same with your car key. On our bad days the door keys break in the door lock and in the worst case scenario, it breaks in the ignition lock. Broken Ignition key may activate the batteries and cause irreparable damage to it.

In order to prevent further damage to the batteries, you need to act quickly and make a call to best locksmith in Santa Monica. We use specialized lubricant and high tech hook to extract the key without zero damage to the lock.



Fixing Electronic Damages

Every part of our lives is connected to technology in some way. The car key system in new more model is connected to modern electrical technology which can also face damage. You may have the key in your hands but you may not be able to, but the chips in your keys may not be working.

The result, you’ll be locked outside your car or the vehicle may not start at all. Thus, you need to get the best quality locksmith in Santa Monica an eagle’s eye to recognise the problem. A veteran can quickly find out the problem and bring the key to our place for quick reprogramming to save you from expensive lock change.

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