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Getting locked out of your car is an extraordinarily easy thing to do. With many callers who are looking for a locksmith in Santa Monica putting their keys in the trunk to remove shopping and belongings from their cars, and then realising their mistake once the trunk lid is firmly shut.

Fortunately, we offer a 24 Hour locksmith service to ensure that you will soon be on your way again no matter what key based drama you have been involved in. We offer services to remedy your problems if your keys have been lost or stolen. We can assist if your car has been broken into. We aim to create the highest levels of customer satisfaction on every call out. Getting you on your way as quickly as we can in a manner that is both professional and courteous. In order to assist stricken motorists we provide many solutions that cover every eventuality;

Car keys can easily be lost or damaged, with new electronic car keys requiring expert knowledge of car model key codes in order for replacements to be swiftly provided. Drivers looking for key duplication services can give us a call for immediate assistance, so that you can get moving again. We are one of the leading auto locksmith companies for this type of job in the Santa Monica area.


Rekey Ignition


Ignition Re-keying services may be required in circumstances where you have required an ignition replacement on your vehicle, a likely scenario in the aftermath of an attempted car theft. Our top quality Santa Monica locksmith professionals can speedily reassemble ignition cylinders, so that a newly coded key can be used to both enter and ignite your car. This service taking as little as 20 minutes when performed by one of our experienced agents.


Changing Locks And Keys For The Car

Changing locks and keys for your car is another important service that we offer. Please, give us a call if you feel that you cars locking system has been compromised in any way, at any time. One of our professional car locksmithscan rapidly change locks for doors and ignition, providing new key codes that can be used for both functions. Key cloning in common car varieties has left some models susceptible to criminals who use generic key systems in order to gain access to vehicles so that contents can be stolen or so that vehicles can be driven away in order to be re-plated for use in criminal activities or to be resold via numerous methods.



Buzzer Intercom System Santa Monica CA


Buzzer Intercom System Santa Monica


Why us?

As a leading Santa Monica locksmith, we endeavour to continue to build close relationships with the population that we serve. We aim to provide a service that is full of compassion for our clients in their time of need. The maintenance of our customers safety is our number one priority at all times.

To ensure this we aim to reach our customers within an agreed timescale, and once in attendance we endeavour to complete all jobs in an efficient and friendly way. Our locksmiths have been specially trained to ensure that they can complete all required tasks to the highest of quality standards. As we realise that the security of your car is a high priority, and we appreciate the trust that you put in us to provide this service requires our utmost dedication, both now, and into the future.

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